Cortijo El Indiviso was originally one of the larger fincas of the area which was slowly and lovingly changed to a 9 bedroom “Casa Rural”.  For many years it has welcomed guests from all around the world.  In 2011 the land was redesigned to additionally include a dedicated equestrian training and riding centre with a horse walker, 28 stables, 2 arenas, 3 pens, 15 paddocks together with storage and tack rooms.

Now we have the pleasure both resident and visiting instructors who bring a wide range of skills and approaches to horses which is fabulous.  We can arrange for any level of horse riding or horse training to be undertaken with established and award winning partners for both adults and children to take part from the most serious rider to riding for pure fun. 

Our services include several courses through the year, Simin will run Classic Natural Horsemanship, Equus Communication, Mirror Your Soul  Experiences and Working Equitation courses with Manolo Oliva,

We welcome Kelly again this year to run a high level Dressage with Luis Lucio, please email us for dates and costs. Sorry this booking is now full   

Livery can also be arranged as either full or DIY within our different stables.  Please contact us for more details 

The Cortijo often is the host to fantastic and the most amazing horse shows for groups, weddings or you may be just lucky enough to be staying with us at the time we are having one it really is something to remember


Rafael Soto is a legend of Dressage, not only as an Olympian but also as one of the most outstanding trainers of modern times.  You ask anyone who vaguely knows of dressage and they will almost uncertainly know the name “Soto”.

Cortijo El Indiviso is incredibly proud to be able to offer 3 full days of instruction with Rafael this year, this really will be an experience of a life time for those who attend.

Day 1 – Arrival                     Participants will be collected from the airport and driven to the Cortijo where they will be given a tour of the buildings, introduced to the horses, not to mention ponies, donkeys, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese etc. Evening dinner in the main hall at the Cortijo to meet the team that will be with you for the rest of the week.

Day 2 – Horses!    Optional sunrise yoga followed by a traditional breakfast and then some time with the horses and your first meeting with Rafael. We will match each horse to riding ability and personality unless you have had the foresight to bring your own horse.  Then not only do you benefit from this outstanding training, but your horse will also be changed for the rest of their life too.

We have two large arenas and guests will get basic instruction from our instructors to make them as comfortable as possible before being under the instruction of Rafael.  After lunch and by the end of the day all riders would have a one-on-one with Rafael and we have no doubt each rider will feel enriched Dinner at a the Cortijo.

Day 3 – “The Basics”           This morning you will meet with your instructors and Rafael to advance the areas that were identified yesterday.  Everyone will, again, get a personal lesson from Rafael during the course of the day.  Riders will take turns of being with Rafael and our own instructors in different arenas.  After this we will go to our favourite beach, El Palmar where you will meet our partners for the exhilarating 3 hr beach ride with our instructors on the most beautiful beach, now a nature reserve.  It will always be something magical to remember riding a horse on a beach and watch the spectacular south Atlantic sunset before you return to a fabulous dinner at a local restaurant where you can feast on an abundance of local Spanish delicacies.

Day 4 – “Fine Tuning”        The morning will be taken with horse riding instruction. Each person will receive 30 mins of dedicated personal instruction and then for lunch you will be taken to historic Vejer del la Frontera for traditional Tapas.  Lessons will continue during the afternoon and then we will go out for an exciting hack around the local area to enjoy and savour the experience you have been a part of for the past few days.   Relaxed and fantastic final farewell dinner will be held at the Cortijo.

Day 5 – Transfer day           A sad day for all, after a great breakfast people will be transferred to your airport of departure with enough time for people have an enjoyable time before checking into their flight for the flight home and we all hope to see you again very soon back to the Cortijo

For more information and make a booking please contact us at


Simin Nadjafi Hinrichs, founder of CentAura, instructs riders and their horses in the fine equestrian arts of riding and training. In personalised sessions she guides horses and people to acknowledge their strength and uniqueness and to realise and release their full potential.

CentAura’s horses are the most honest, pure and direct teachers to those who want to learn  the rules of natural leadership and how to apply them to both  private and work relationships. To our horses, it makes no difference if you are a rider, a spiritual seeker or a corporate leader, they share their love and knowledge generously with everybody on the  path to authenticity and personal growth. For more information please look at Simin's website


In this course my horses will introduce you to the sensitive language of Equus.

You can learn how to lead a horse at liberty by just using your energy, your focus and a minimum of body language. You will understand how horses talk to you and how easy they follow your lead if you synchronise them with your movements and your mind. And you will have some unforgettable moments with our gentle Iberian stallions.

Successfully working a horse at liberty has nothing to do with age, size, gender, raising the voice or an aggressive whip but rather the mastery of one´s own energy and clearly projecting your intention in a way your horse can  understand. Children, un-clouded by life, understand this immediately  and for adults often times it involves forgetting conventional  concepts of  enforcing your will. This spirit of communication will also help in bringing  joy and harmony to your daily life.

Course Dates

29th April – 3rd May                       Book now

7th Oct – 11th Oct                          Book now


Working Equitation with Manolo Oliva and Simin Nadjafi Hinrichs;

Manolo Oliva coached the German Working Equitation Team over a period of 10 years. He guided the riders to many international triumphs in which they harvested medals for their country at every international competition they went to.

Manolo Oliva was born in Andalusia and grew up in the countryside with the equestrian traditions of his homeland. From the very early age of 4 he was found herding cows in the fields and riding in the traditional style of ‘doma vaquera’. Years later, under the mentor-ship of Manuel Ruiz, riding master of the Real Escuela de Art Ecuestre (Royal School of Equestrian Art) REAAE, he learned the art of high school dressage, airs above the Ground and work on the long reins.

He had the great luck to be tutored by Don Luis Ramos Paul, one of Spain's best riders who helped him to become the connoisseur of classic riding he is today

Still in his twenties, he took directorship of one of the greatest equestrian schools of Spain, the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda, where he dedicated himself over many years to the education and training of future champion riders and horses. Later on he decided to challenge himself in other equestrian arts and learned the discipline of western riding from the hands of Jean Claude Disly, world champion in the discipline of ‘cutting’ who introduced this riding technic to Europe

For the last 18 years Manolo Oliva has been dedicated to teaching the equestrian arts all over Europe, where he lavishes his knowledge to those who want to flourish in the beautiful world of equitation.

Clinics 2019 in Cortijo El Indiviso

2nd June – 6th June                       Book now

19 Oct – 27th Oct                           Book now


Kelly Sigler - "Horsemanship for Your Journey"

Empowering students to be well-rounded horsemen. - What is a horseman? And why would you want to become one? Simply put a horseman understands horses. Why horses do what they do, react the way they react, and how to work with each individual horse and know what that horse needs at that moment. A horseman is much more than just a rider.

As a Natural Horsemanship Professional I help my students, young and old, lay a strong foundation for their horse. I help you develop a connection, a relationship with your horse that will lead to better performance. And I don’t mean just in the competition arena.

Kelly has now combined her knowledge of Natural Horsemanship, Rider Biomechanics and Low Flying Aerial Yoga to create a dynamic program for the horse and rider called "Namaste Horsemanship". Kelly is intro scheduling clinics throughout the US and abroad as well as Instructor Certification Clinics through the International Society of Rider Biomechanics.

As a lifelong traveller, and well known horseman and clinician. Kelly’s background is in eventing, natural horsemanship, and is the president and lead assessor for the International Society of Rider Biomechanics. She has worked with thousands of students and horses for over 25 years. Her goal is to match the right horse and rider for each ride, and to ensure everyone has a happy and safe experience! She has personally selected all of the experiences on the trip- from the riding, accommodation, to the villas. Kelly has several locals in each location that help with the details of the trip and to insure that everyone has the best experience ever!

THE SPANISH HORSEMANSHIP MASTERCLASS. I spent over a year finding the perfect location for this very special class focusing on Spanish Horsemanship. Private lessons from Luis Lucio, lessons and lectures on Vaquero a location with the most amazing sunset you have ever seen in unbelievable farm outside of Cadiz.  For more information click here

Dates 28th Sept - 2nd Oct          ***SOLD OUT**** Does have a waiting List